I dig into my past and I laugh
It’s an experience I had
Something small like typing slower
I glow worm my way through life
Opening up bags of cheetos
And wondering where is my wife
That word for my possession
The human that will be all mine
We form a partnership and we belong together
Because it takes two to raise a brood
And we had nothing to do
There was nothing
We fucked for the reason
The happiness we gave our parents
We wanted
So we childrened up
We got our infant on
I was wondering what I would be doing
Nothing I had nothing to do
Without this child here
And I’m probably not supposed to be a parent
It’s sort of the way it seems
So when I get money from the state
I treat it like it’s free
I’m in my 30’s looking for 4
It’s a wonder that I do this
I’m not even bored
My past is sitting in classrooms
And giving up on getting laid
It’s nights like this morning
Writing on the keys
It’s nights like I wrote this
I wrote this with such ease
It’s working on a part of me
That’s in charge of how I rhyme
It’s a poem that I wrote
It wasn’t the last time

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