I think i sort of notice the jist
It’s sort of a moment where you kiss the moment
Open up a document and just get to work
Even though your feelings hurt
You’re still spending your evenings at church
And you’re two months in
That’s just the beginning
Wondering if the world is full of robots
You might be too
Just had a dream from a planet
Where it was a riot at the school
Just sitting here thinking to myself
How many formations can a planet take
I think I’ve experienced them all
Ey yo my planet’s starting to ache
We need a culture quake
Something to get the people talking
About something other than that last rhyme that was knockin
We’re just getting started
Whose gonna be the michael jordan of poetry recitin
Whose gonna master this shit
Get down a poem that’s hard to admit
Freestyle a lil bit and work to get the people genuflectin
Resurrecting saturn to find the pattern
Of the simple dimple can we keep a thimble
Rhythmic olympic you did this
It was in this kiss a dress and send something
From amazon to an address and address the question
Is this a valid way to spend some time
Writing poetry on the daily
Up into the climb
If jif’s cliff of distant attribution to the contribution
Of the license we dicing up tomatoes
in the same poem I wrote it out fast
and i wrote it out slow

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