Open hoping the world breaks down a bit
So we’re groping for some dope and I could use a hit
Just quit smoking and I ain joking this ain easy shit
Toking sounds so bonus to put down the cigarette takes some grit
I’ll admit I was a smoker and these lungs are all I got
I wonder what it would be like to not buy cigarettes at the shop
I’ll probably smoke again my chest is convulsing with a need
To smoke a cigarette to quell the addiction to a unique pleasure in life
I’m young into the smoking game even though it’s always the same
I smoke responsibly is what I tell myself
As I lose the weight and gain the health
I’d like to cast a spell that perfects me in every way
Because even though I’m poor I could still model down the runway
I’m interested in perfection
I wonder twhat could it be
Could perfection be a lifeform
That I need to be me
Beyond the normal formal every word must be perect
I’m on an imperfect computer
With an imperfect website
Writing imperfect poems
With an imperfect life

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