Public School is my religion
I take tests and make the decision
To attend a classroom every day
And listen to a teacher that is shitting
On the same toilet I do at break
I am written into the history book
It’s a mission not to delete my account
I amount to nothing in this world of thought
Collecting nothing is still collecting a large amount
If I ever find something I’ll rejoice with pride
Public School is a religion
I went from from K to the mile high
Made it through the School Ties up through University Pride
And I graduated with a ten year which gives me tenure
Wherever I go , writing slow
Taking it in wherever I go
Now I got my stipend from the state of Ohio
I just might take a trip to Chicago
I get my social security and I get to write into history
It’s a nonchalant way about the way my career went
The decisions made in public school
Had me dealing with being mentally fooled
They have me down as a mental fool
I’m mentally full
Bipolar is what they call me
And the state pays highly to me
But secretly everyone looks down on me
And I’ve just been being me the whole time
You can say I’m public school
And there are not too many people that ain’t
Because on the weekends you learn about saints
But the rest of your life
Is dedicated to achieving gains in your education
Your algebraic notation
You find uses for this stuff in the fact that even when your brain erases
It from memory that you did it
Improves your vocabulary
Your brain is more capable for having been through school
Would you prefer to have done nothing
And been left with nothing in the nothing pool?

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