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Cash Rules Everything Around Me. CREAM.

There is a song, well I can’t quite call it a song, but there was a recording that was created of a poem, by a group of New York City Residents known as the Wu Tang Clan. In my world the Wu – Tang Clan are poets. In New York City they to the best of my understanding are known as rappers. I will be honest. I do not know what a rapper is. I am not really certain. I know enough about Rapping to know that it involves recording studios and microphones and stage performances and being a Master of Ceremonies.

I know I am a poet. I know poetry is ancient. I know there have been poems being written since the days of Ancient Greece. I know that depending on the quality of the poem that is being written that civilizations will remember a poem of high enough quality for generations. Homer was a poet. We still recall Homer because of the quality of his poetry.

Poetry. What is it? Why is poetry important? What purpose does poetry serve?

It has to do with the English Language. Poetry is a phrase that exists factually speaking only inside of the English Language. In other languages there may very well be other phrases that translate from poetry into those languages. I am unaware presently as to what those phrases are.

I have only ever been asked to speak a single language during the course of my lifetime. During the course of my lifetime I have only ever been called upon to speak English.

I have been exposed to copious amounts of English in my lifetime. Copious.

I dare say if I had been born I the 1800’s I would have been less fluent as an English Speaking Citizen of the United States because , well , there was less English to be exposed to then than there is now.

I , over the course of my lifetime , have been exposed to Television Journalism , Hollywood Film , Broadcast Radio , English Literature , Professorial Dialogue , Conversation Between Colleague , Performance Poetry Showcases , Playhouse Ensemble Plays, and times of Contemplation.

I have had the time to be exposed to quite a lot of the English Language.

Because of the amount of time that I have been exposed to the English Language I have developed Fluency.

To my original Point.

Cash Rules Everything Around Me. This phrase was developed in the same Metropolitan Area as to my knowledge Money Power Respect.

I am not from the city where the population is experiencing an ethos that revolves around Cash Rules Everything Around Me CREAM and Money Power Respect.

I come from a Different City.

An Older One.

I come from a City that feels quite the opposite actually in terms of Cash Rules Everything Around Me and Money Power Respect.

Cash Rules Everything Around Me is nomenclature that we adhere to in this city. Cash Rules Everything Around Us in the sense that it does in fact require Cash to be used as a Tool of Trade. We value the Trade in this city. The trade. Cash is used as a tool of trade in this city. It is and it is used quite frequently in various sums and quantities.

When it comes to Cash and How it Rules Everything Around Us. In this city that is to say that a culture has developed that could not exist without Cash. Cash is a Tool of Trade.

We use Cash in this city because it creates civility and it creates organization in this city.

Case in Point.

I am sitting here presently in my writing chair and am interested in drinking a cup of coffee.

I do not have any coffee.

I would like some coffee because when I drink coffee it lubricates my senses and inspires me to write inspired writing without fail.

Which is why I value coffee.

For it’s ability to without fail inspire writing.

I do not have any coffee presently.

I do have a lamp.

I have a lamp that works.

If I plug in my lamp.

It will in fact provide luminance.

I want coffee.

Roughly speaking the lamp that I have access to is in fact more valuable in certain terms than a cup of coffee.

There is an establishment not far from where I reside where in a world where all is possible I could in the interest of desperately needing inspiration to keyboard my next piece of writing go through the process of unplugging my instrument of illumination and throwing it over my shoulder and putting on my coat and taking the time to walk to the restaurant up the street where I am certain they have coffee.

I could walk into that establishment and place this lamp down in front of the cash register because I have the freedom to do as I please and I could very well with the lamp next to me request a cup of coffee. I could then drink the cup of coffee to full completion.

The individual who took the time to pick up a cup, pour some water that was saturated with the coffee infusion, and bring the cup to me so that I could drink the coffee and receive inspiration would then be expecting something.

She or He would be expecting to then receive in exchange for this single serving of coffee traditionally speaking, about what is known in common nomenclature seventy five cents.

This seventy five cents can be provided in the form of three quarter of a dollar pieces, seventy five what are known as pence, or and there are many ways of accomplishing this, one last example would be, a quarter of a dollar piece of currency, five what are known as nickels, a what is known as a dime, and a fifteen pence. Those previous three examples if provided would ceremoniously provide me with the ability to pick up my lamp if provided and walk out of the restaurant with no problem.

Although, if after consuming the coffee from the cup I attempt to walk out without providing a tool of trade, whether I am expecting it or not, something will happen. I am certain.

The person that provided me with the coffee in the styrofome cup will pick up an instrument of communication and will press three buttons in a certain order. She or He will press a button with an Arabic numeral known as the Nine, then she or he will press the button enscribed with the Arabic numeral One and then One again.

This person that provided the cup of coffee will then place the phone to their ear and will if timed properly hear a voice that inquires as to what the problem is.

This person that is known as a server will then describe the events of what recently happened and place emphasis on the element of the story where no tools of trade were provided in exchange for the coffee that was provided and a person that walked in with a lamp and set it down next to the cash register walked out with their lamp that they set down next to the cast register and that well yes they are certain the lamp worked quite well but that no tool of trade was provided in exchange for the cup of coffee.

The person on the other end of the phone will double check and make certain they have the story correct they will want to know FACTUALLY was there or was there not a tool of trade provided for the cup of coffee. They will want to know if an accounting is made on the cups of coffee will there be noted a single less cup of coffee than the currency in the cash register denotes. If the coffee is measured will there be noted an amount of coffee that is less than what is noted on the accounting sheets. After a thorough investigation involving a trained accountant it will be factually noticed that the cash register is in fact short and that in fact there is a lack of tool of trade in the til.

Now that the facts have been investigated and the person that did in fact have a perfectly good lamp that worked perfectly fine when placed in a wall socket to allow electricity to move through it where the electricity would move up to the light bulb that Thomas Edison Invented and inspired millions of people to want similar devices of to light up the night when the sun is clearly on the other side of the planet, is in fact now a perp.

This perp is now in need of being found by the organization that the server has contacted. A cup of coffee was given to someone and a tool of trade was not provided even though there was a perfectly good lamp standing placed right next to the moment where the lack of trade was not exchanged.

Three quarters of a dollar dollar bill ya’ll was not provided in trade for a cup of coffee and now a process has begun.

There is now a man that has been dispatched in search of the man that has a lamp that can be clearly identified and described walking down the street somewhere. This man that has been dispatched is now getting into his squad car and is now expending gasoline and is in fact on the hunt now for the man that did not provide a tool of trade and unbeknownst to this man that did not provide the expected tool of trade at the expected moment his debt to society is now racking up to the tune of now he owes significantly more than three quarters of a dollar as an entire process has now begun that includes several people and a man hunt for a man that has a lamp with him that is most likely walking down the street somewhere trying to get away and hide before as he would certainly know by now what must be occurring and the police officer will be looking out for a man that is carrying a lamp to identify the man that received a cup of coffee and did not ceremoniously finalize the transaction in the socially agreed upon format that would have avoided the beginning of this process altogether.

Now the trained police officer that engages in this behavior every day is aware of the gasoline that is being utilized to engage in this man hunt for this man and the police officer is aware that oil that has been extracted from another part of the planet that has been extracted from deep within the earth possibly from underneath an ocean and has been pulled to the surface and sent to a refinery where the crude oil has been exposed to a process whereby the oil is separated through a chemical process into it’s disparate chemical properties and the chemists that oversee this process that have spent the better part of the last quarter of a century as an organization of people developing a knowledge base that allows for this process to happen that provides the product known as gasoline that is burning in this police officer’s gas tank that the police officer is aware of and is keeping note of his gas gauge noting the debt to society that this man that that had a lamp with him at the cash register did not offer a tool of trade.

The man with the lamp is casually walking down the street with the lamp flung over his shoulder. The police officer notices this man that fits the description of the person from the restaurant.

The police officer approaches this man and takes out his handcuffs and places them on the man because statistically speaking what are the odds that anyone else would be walking down the street with a lamp. This man is now being brought in for questioning about the three quarters of a dollar that he did not provide for the cup of coffee that he received.

Whether the man that has the lamp realizes this or not to the police officer and to the server at the restaurant at this point is irrelevant because quite frankly the restaurant is extremely interested in engaging in a stable business that can continually provide cups of coffee and a myriad of other extravagancies to patrons. The restaurant is quite aware of the fact that if over the course of three months it made the decision to wantonly abandon it’s civic duty of expecting to receive tools of trade for the services that it provides that a form of anarchy would be engaged in and the restaurant knows that if word got out that it was providing free food of a certain restaurant quality and if word got out that it was dedicated to providing free food with no stream of revenue coming in to offset the costs for providing this free food that within three months time depending on savings that they would not be receiving the incoming tools of trade necessary for them to provide these tools of trade to the people expecting to receive their tools of trade that allows for this restaurant to remain in business and paying taxes to the local municipality.

The reason they had the duty to engage in calling the police has to do with civic responsibility and the server that made that phone call is hella bent and pissed off that she motherfucking even had to do it because she is enraged like a motherfucker that someone would go to some motherfucking length to do some audacious shit like walk into a restaurant like a fucking asshat with a lamp for no god damned reason like she gives a fuck she because the moment the mothefucker walked in she knew there was something wrong with him because who the fuck is walking around ordering a single serving of coffee with a lamp and the moment he asked for the cup of coffee she was thinking to herself motherfucker am I going to have to do what the fuck I think I am going to have to do because SON OF A BITCH LIKE I FUCKING WANT TO DEAL WITH THIS SHIT. Alright fuck it the man with the lamp asked for the cup of coffee so the fuck I am going to do I am going to fucking pour him a cup of coffee. I am going to hand him the cup of coffee and there yep he’s drinking it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand like I motherfucking didn’t see this coming he’s walking out the door with his motherfucking lamp why the fuck did he I fucking hate people son of a bitch alright time to get my go fuck yourself on pick up the phone push the magic three numbers that always get’s shit done yeah and he’s fucking carrying a lamp for fuck’s sake why the fuck would I know yeah thank you

And he went to jail.

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