Notes 0

Wait a minute … I do have other planks

-School Archivist Job Creation

-Uniform Library Selection

-Complete Unknown as to Effects of Drugs on a Population and a curious bewonderment as to why their business is always the most violent and that we actually do not have enough data on all of the drugs to know safe ways of doing them rigorous testing standards are not used currently bring us the drugs so we can test them in our labs

-There are not too many web hosts in Ohio anyways so instituting a Universal Hosting Bill which would erect a hosting provider that as an ohio citizen would guarantee you a domain name an email address and a web host and if you ever lost your credentials we would help you find your place again and if every citizen in ohio knew they had a permanent email address domain name and web hosting that choice would be zeroed down to GO WITH OHIO

-A Gas Tax in Ohio to pay for Cincinnati’s Subway System

-A Bill Earmarking Funding for an Autonomous Bus Service similar to Autonomous Cars to build an infrastructure that would be the first of it’s kind a bus that would gas itself up notify authorities for repairs and make all it’s stops and would never hit anything

-Allowance of all people over the age of 22 no matter what your high school grades were to enter into the University of Cincinnati

-A Bill that would add funding to the Ohio Artists with Disabilities Grant Funding

-A Zero Tolerance for Civilian Guns and a Buy Back Trade Back Keep the Streets Safe We Want the Guns Here’s an Apple Computer for your Gun We Just Want the Guns Initiative noting that upon successful completion of this task police officers in their squad cars keep their guns in the patrol car locked in the trunk as a form of armory

-A Bill that would increase food stamp card money to $400 in the state of ohio giving people with EBT cards the ability to spend $100 a week on groceries for themselves regardless of how much their Social Security Stipend is

I think that’s actually something that rivals Aftab Purval who ideally it would … it’s all home grown all single city based it’s all lived in North College Hill for 40 years and commuted to Cincinnati for an entire life based

Not trying to make you look bad but like my dad I can’t I never saved a life with my own hands so i’ll never be you but i did help a kid with his ability to write on reddit

write about mental health

write about a committee that oversee’s the city’s community chest

a rock climbing installation downtown at macy’s that lets you climb up skyscrapers
a committee to oversee a community chest
a great men’s shelter
a 300 foot tall computer monitor
a domestic animal exhibit at the zoo
a gnat that each person has

bench advertising
upload kiosk
print on demand books
print on demand board games
school paper books
school paper magazine
put a product in your pocket
dried fruit ice cream toppings


Letter to EU

$21.97 trillion.

I am a 38 year old, old enough to run for President of the United States of America and experienced enough to run for the House of Representatives citizen and interested in running for my city council and am basically the mayor of North College Hill because I am a seasoned University of Cincinnati Alumni and I graduated with Honors and the official mayor is a church secretary.

I have been told my entire life that the USA is in debt beyond it’s capacity to pay back that my nation is bankrupt.

I typically tell myself that small problems require big solutions and big problems require small solutions.

I did some thinking and notice that the United States has a deep relationship with England, it goes back centuries.

Would it be worth $21 trillion dollars to the European Union if the United States of America came out FIRMLY against England leaving the European Union.

Is it worth $22 Trillion dollars to the European Union for the United States to keep the EU intact.

I figure $22 Trillion dollars is like 30 Amazon Corporations which each take 30 years to build and then you have to sell each company off.

At that thought, I thought to myself what service could the United States provide for $22 Trillion dollars, and I thought to myself, legally the USA’s books could be cleared in the finance market if it gave England an order to stay in the EU?


How is that for a decent way to balance the USA’s books?

I was watching ABC this morning and the topic of federal aid came up where students are going to pay 10% of their paycheck AFTER they graduate and get employment and I think that is wonderful and know it’s based on programming schools in the south west of California where it started and I thought of something else you might be in favor of that would be just as progressive as that and is recently possible.

If there was a Massive Open Online Curriculum or MOOC that was handled by the department of education if the federal government ran an online school populated with standardized data sets that would serve as a legitimate university similar to the MIT Open Courseware Initiative. It’s a thought. If there was a portal you didn’t even need to log into if the federal government had a YOUTUBE like site populated with the finest lectures in every branch of academia and if it assigned homework you could turn into your state congressman that would get a grade or something I don’t know it would need to go to a committee to flesh it out entirely I can just pitch the conversation but FEDERAL GOVERNMENT + MOOC … i think what separates me from a internet lunatic and a man that needs representation is that i personally only know how to think of the beginning of a thought based on what I saw on television and i’m not using words like NOW and IMPORTANT and the such or asking for money like an internet lunatic would be I have a university back ground and i’ve weathered troubled but if there was FED U like FEDERAL UNIVERSITY and it was a MOOC a thing you did once and just left stand for all time like put it in a permanent location and just left the world speechless like if you want to go to school … there … go to school …

I also know the roman catholics in the priesthood have a policy where if you graduate from the seminary you don’t have to pay for the education you can just get to work as a priest if there was a policy where IF you graduate you don’t have to pay for your education that might be an angle to take as well

but if there was a Federal University in the form of a MOOC that had the finest lectures in all the fields … it could solve a lot of problems and i think would be something the department of education’s committee would want to talk about

as i try to be a good citizen and am now in my 4th week away from having smoked weed …. i’ve been high most of my life or under the influence of weed since 2000 i attended University Basically high and graduated with a 2.74 but i took like 114 classes and only failed 14 of them because of attendance issues brought on by psychiatric hospitalizations and i deeply value education and from what i picked up in my 10 year bachelor survey of all that exists is that well doesn’t matter what it is if you want to do it start small

i think writing this email is small and a next step would be to talk about it in a committee the idea of a Federal MOOC it could be a school that would be FREE that would be a catch all for people that navigate through free things and it could also be considered a good choice for auteurs that are looking for the finest lectures to bare witness to

it’s a thought

a federal massive open online curriculum


nicholas lawson


if i had a character whose motivation was let’s see how far i can walk and that was my character i could write a story about that that’s a new novel narrative


hello i’m nicholas lawson, north college hill high school graduate, class of 99, i have a website that is advertising friendly at, i’m a university of cincinnati alumni class of ’10

i’ll make my initiation pitch

if north college hill took up a collection from the business and religious district and took out prime time television advertising promoting north college hill … i think with my 10 years of university study and 8 years of graduate study at 38 years old that i came up with a decent pitch to a business association …

it’s let’s produce a 1 minute advertisement that airs regularly on channel 9 WCPO at prime time for six months and let’s see what happens when North College Hill advertises itself on television

neighborhood advertising

i came up with it recently that a neighborhood would take up a pittance from a community compared to what it would pay and promote an entire neighborhood on television

seems simple enough

i went to daap and mcmicken at us the design school and the liberal arts school i also studied in england for a year

i’m planning on joining the business association i actually have to get some extra cash together i’m a graduate student at recovering from the mind bending effects of graduate school

i think this is some business but all i have is new things to say about the same things we all know about so i’m a little hard to be around right now but when i finally normalize i’ll go ahead and get that membership to the NCH business community because right now i’m looking for a small $100 to spend on this and claim my right as a businessman but $100 looks big right now




i think it’s a decent pitch let’s all get together and film something and then put it on television under a banner like NORTH COLLEGE HILL if we were promoting NCH on television

it’s a pitch

i thought of a pitch and wanted to introduce myself

i’m nick

almost 40 lived in NCH almost 40 years

and i just started to perk up i move here from mount healthy and i’m poor but i’m poor and clever




I think this is what a bona fide consultant would write better than me but i’m not a bona fide consultant …

I’m looking for my brand of beer I know budweiser is a typical beer I buy but I’m new to beer. I been smoking weed for 15 years. I’d love to sign onto being a test subject for new flavors. i have an ELONGATED vocabulary so if I was your taste tester I would naturally bring with me words your chemists could decompile. I would like to be a beer test subject is what I am saying just I’m new so I figure I would get to taste a lot of beers.

In terms of business what i bring to your table is a list of ohio brewaries that is either complete or not it’s wikipedia but it it a resource that is peculiarly detailed in a cool way not sure who the wikipedians are never met one.

What seems like it would be sufficiently difficult in business to do would be a multi brand assortment pack of beer. If you’re into entrepreneurship and puzzles just how would you approach 5 other beer companies and have 6 different brand of beer in a six case or how would you approach an 18 packs with 18 different cans of beer from 18 different breweries.

How would you do that?

Here’s the real business how long would it take you to decide which 5 other breweries you would partner with in ohio on that list that through an act of entrepreneurship logistically that is socially demanding in terms of you have what looks like 200 breweries in Ohio how would you go about deciding which other 5 would you go into an assortment box with? If you had to partner with 17 other beers for an 18 pack of assorted beers how would you decide which beer breweries to go with?

So there …

that’s me for next go round in trying be a consultant with a university degree in english literature where i’ll tell ya this BUD WISER your brand name makes weed look good with weed being legalized from an english literature perspective … the more WEED is legal the more BUD WISER looks like a subconscious ad for weed and i just started drinking beer i’m 38 and there’s so much to try and i’m so poor but i’m thinking after all that weed for 20 years i was going to think about getting into beer …

ideally i’m sort of addicted to weed it’s like you can go an hour without a cigarette but i found out you can go about 30 days without weed and then it’s like get some weed but cigarettes are acutely addictive where weed is slightly addictive and sensation for sensation when i drink the beer the right way or my stomach is empty i’ve had some drunks nights where the buzz was beyond anything weed could imagine like with weed getting legal i’m getting manic now with weed getting legal you need to focus on your buzz like i need some BUZZY beer like if budweiser was like BUZZ WISER and ya’ll just had your chemists focus on your buzz like for a bud weiser ad if it was like

maybe we never explained something before you drive to the store you buy beer you go home you drink you get buzzed you stay safe and you become an adult that’s the game and it’s great

like it might be cool if budweiser said something about weed and was like BUZZ WISER like just put it out there like i don’t know too many weed heads that ever really drank everyone that i know that smoked weed didn’t really drink


so there

that’s that’s actually what a consultation is to me it’s a bull shit session over the course of 16 emails with just really dense bullshit

i think the internet can be put to use getting more people bullshitting with more people

i’n nick

i’m the Uc Alumni


Nicholas Lawson after everything i’ve experienced i’ve lost the ability to give two shits about what i say i speak and i think and i live acccurately and i know the law enough to know that there is no law against saying NIGGER or NIGGA or NIGGSTRESS there’s not you can say nigga you can say nigger you can say whitey and you can say honkey honkey actually affect me like it’s a fighting to me but there is no state mandate city law common law that has anything to do with saying or not saying nigger it’s a social convention to avoid saying nigga that is propogated as a meme in the media and among africans that want social power among people actually more powerful than them an african can survive sexually in a room with a white man that owns a house and land if that african can be seen reprimanding the white man for saying NIGGER in front of the white man’s wife thereby attributing power to the poor african on the white man’s estate … that’s pretty much it … african censorship is an equivical force in a society where their track record is comprised mostly of standing around and making sound and they do still feel the urge to have kids so even though an african never did much in life he stil needs to compete for a woman and african censorship goes to show a woman just how powerful that african is he can get a rich white man to bow to his power and it’s a lot of things like this but i don’t know why something as stupid as leveying fines and excess for saying words exists but in my new life i just see a cartoon named STUPID and you’re in it


Nicholas Lawson fuck so like your technology takes me from the data on the left to the data on the right? you mean like that’s possible? you can take me from the data on the left and with your device i can have data like data on the right? you think that advertisement means a damn thing? you think the 10 minutes you spent in photoshop with images you pulled from google images means a dam thing? you’re currently the lowest on the autism spectrum when it comes to advertising and i see a lot of it but that’s just mind control or some kind of hypnosis to me it’s a joke actually like if Jimmy Dore had a slide for his stand up comedy routine that would be a good fit he could just stand there and wait for people to laugh … i don’t feel sorry for you lately i’ve just been noticing either i’m more in tune with myself or the internet is getting less intelligent but i have no mercy works of art by stupid people i’ll be nice to someone that ‘s stupid take em out to dinner let em suck my dick but when they ask me about their art work i’ll be honest and let em know it sucks that’s just that i don’t see the point in being kind in discussing shitty works of art i’ll call a shitty work of art shitty the moment i see it but you can still suck my dick if you want i’ll even take you out to dinner you stupid piece of shit


20190403_Habitat Module Drawings

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