Notes 0

Wait a minute … I do have other planks


-School Archivist Job Creation

-Uniform Library Selection

-Complete Unknown as to Effects of Drugs on a Population and a curious bewonderment as to why their business is always the most violent and that we actually do not have enough data on all of the drugs to know safe ways of doing them rigorous testing standards are not used currently bring us the drugs so we can test them in our labs

-There are not too many web hosts in Ohio anyways so instituting a Universal Hosting Bill which would erect a hosting provider that as an ohio citizen would guarantee you a domain name an email address and a web host and if you ever lost your credentials we would help you find your place again and if every citizen in ohio knew they had a permanent email address domain name and web hosting that choice would be zeroed down to GO WITH OHIO

-A Gas Tax in Ohio to pay for Cincinnati’s Subway System

-A Bill Earmarking Funding for an Autonomous Bus Service similar to Autonomous Cars to build an infrastructure that would be the first of it’s kind a bus that would gas itself up notify authorities for repairs and make all it’s stops and would never hit anything

-Allowance of all people over the age of 22 no matter what your high school grades were to enter into the University of Cincinnati

-A Bill that would add funding to the Ohio Artists with Disabilities Grant Funding

-A Zero Tolerance for Civilian Guns and a Buy Back Trade Back Keep the Streets Safe We Want the Guns Here’s an Apple Computer for your Gun We Just Want the Guns Initiative noting that upon successful completion of this task police officers in their squad cars keep their guns in the patrol car locked in the trunk as a form of armory

-A Bill that would increase food stamp card money to $400 in the state of ohio giving people with EBT cards the ability to spend $100 a week on groceries for themselves regardless of how much their Social Security Stipend is


I think that’s actually something that rivals Aftab Purval who ideally it would … it’s all home grown all single city based it’s all lived in North College Hill for 40 years and commuted to Cincinnati for an entire life based


Not trying to make you look bad but like my dad I can’t I never saved a life with my own hands so i’ll never be you but i did help a kid with his ability to write on reddit


write about mental health

write about a committee that oversee’s the city’s community chest

a rock climbing installation downtown at macy’s that lets you climb up skyscrapers
a committee to oversee a community chest
a great men’s shelter
a 300 foot tall computer monitor
a domestic animal exhibit at the zoo
a gnat that each person has

bench advertising
upload kiosk
print on demand books
print on demand board games
school paper books
school paper magazine
put a product in your pocket
dried fruit ice cream toppings


Letter to EU

$21.97 trillion.

I am a 38 year old, old enough to run for President of the United States of America and experienced enough to run for the House of Representatives citizen and interested in running for my city council and am basically the mayor of North College Hill because I am a seasoned University of Cincinnati Alumni and I graduated with Honors and the official mayor is a church secretary.

I have been told my entire life that the USA is in debt beyond it’s capacity to pay back that my nation is bankrupt.

I typically tell myself that small problems require big solutions and big problems require small solutions.

I did some thinking and notice that the United States has a deep relationship with England, it goes back centuries.

Would it be worth $21 trillion dollars to the European Union if the United States of America came out FIRMLY against England leaving the European Union.

Is it worth $22 Trillion dollars to the European Union for the United States to keep the EU intact.

I figure $22 Trillion dollars is like 30 Amazon Corporations which each take 30 years to build and then you have to sell each company off.

At that thought, I thought to myself what service could the United States provide for $22 Trillion dollars, and I thought to myself, legally the USA’s books could be cleared in the finance market if it gave England an order to stay in the EU?


How is that for a decent way to balance the USA’s books?


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