email to city council


it’s just me and my computer just like my trusty dell … i’m never myself because of these medications i’m always in the last year been sort of depressed and then when i think of 30 psych hospitalizations i’m like that’s a lot and then i think about how i spend my time and it’s usually sitting at a desk and then i think of the one time i tried to be cool with my case manager and decided to show her a video of me dancing while sitting in my chair on youtube and then she pink slipped me and required me to go to the hospital so i’m like fuck i think i confused some people that have less life experience than me

but today i put my british connect in touch with my high school friend eric at penn station, kaz trained his main focus on lee’s famous recipe like he was going to try to sell a chicken restaurant in london on being a lee’s famous recipe and get their branding and supply chain involved

he might want to try to open a nando’s in cincinnati

but yeah i get some time to myself and i think to myself i’ve been hospitalized a lot and then there were the times i was hospitalized because of the abuse i took in my family like it’s weird when all you can think to say when you want to sum up your life story is HISTORICAL FIGURE that’s all i can figure i am some kind of historical figure which is a celebrity to people that never went to school or went to a shitty school and dropped out

i’m not altogether certain the future looks bright for me and i’m one of the people it’s supposed to look bright for

i do think i was the first member of my family and extended family to make it off the boat with a university education

like now i’m just city i’m like catholic protestant baptist like my religious views are basically university like with a university outlook on like i can be like yep 40 hospitalizations that’s what it took and in my conversations in the mental health system someone asked me what my religious beliefs were and i was like University and he said that’s not a religion and i’m like i actually went act like it’s not and he got pissed

so yeah

i’ll be putting this email on my website


i posit i’m a historical figure because i went through what i went through and still managed to develop the best website in cincinnati at in the does it themselves league

so like my background and makes for a historical combination like he was crazy but he was some kind of perfectionist too

like i wonder how people get wikipedia sites

i think i’m up for one



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