Kickstarter Project

The Nicholas Lawson General Studies Building Project is intended to be constructed in such a way so that for the period of time that it is so that it takes it’s place as the tallest building on a University Campus in the University System. The purpose of this is the generate public interest and inspire competition among high school students for the purpose of competing to enroll at a University of Cincinnati program that would be known as the University of Cincinnati General Studies Program.

This 11 Story building would ask for Freshmen to give their final presentations starting at the top floor of the Nicholas Lawson General Studies Building. The presentations these students would give would comprehensively detail their experiences in studying abroad on their class’s choice of continent. The subsequent years would entail the students spending nine months as a class experiencing that which every continent has to offer.

The basement of the Nicholas Lawson General Studies Building would house a data center where students as they are traveling around the world and experiencing life abroad while gaining perspective on the Global Communications Network would be where the students store their diverse and varied Multi Media Creations in the forms of Text Documents, Video Documents, Audio Documents, and Photography Documents.

The students would in fact spend nine months out of each year for their first seven years of study experiencing in full detail each continent. They would then spend the final three months of each of their first seven years of study and travel in the Nicholas Lawson General Studies Building working collaboratively on their final presentations. Each years the students are to give their presentations on their respective floor representative of their year in the program with their first year being the year that they give their class presentations in the first floor and their subsequent years giving their presentations on each level lower.

The final four years of the program would ask students to experience and recover from the culture shock that would be experienced and to collectively work together to detail their inspiration that they would experience. They would be expected to organically over the first seven years of their studies and travel to collect a professional contacts lists that they would be expected to naturally keep in touch with.

These students would spend their final year on the ground floor of the Nicholas Lawson General Studies Building working to create a final presentation that explains and details their by this point global inspired mindset and would be asked to explore and understand how best to navigate global issues up to and including drafting writing as to how best to go about navigating the Global Warming issue that is presently being discussed and understood in society at large.

This is a program that is intended to produce global minded citizens equipped with competitive stories in society at large that stem from having an understanding in some form of what life is like on each of the seven continents.

It is understood that in a globally networked society interlinked with a global communications network that training students and youth to think globablly through the process of experiencing globe that they would then be able to in enhanced fashion function more professionally on a local level pulling on their diverse international contacts to aid them in accomplishing their future goals and furthering their respective communities with the aid of their cumulative experiences amassed in their 11 year university studies.

The funding that this Kickstarter Program is asking for will be used to offset the costs of creating the first draft of a set of plans for the building and will be issued to a local Architecture Firm to begin the first phase of a presentation to initiate this program.

I hope you find this idea inspiring and that you feel that this undertaking would be beneficial to the Global Community in such a way that you open your pocket book and help promote the futures’ ability to better and more thoroughly understand the needs of the leadership in the future and the understanding that it would be a program like this that would enable future classes of Students to promote understanding and communication in a Global Society.

Thank you for your time. I hope this provides you with a style of inspiration that opens your eyes up to what is possible.

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