Screenplay Treatment for London

And the BBC reports that it’s been 30 years since Heavenly Crepes opened it’s doors. Kaz has been serving crepes dutifully for 30 years and what did kaz find for his 30th anniversary he found the longest line in british market history. People were ceremoniously waiting in line to receive their crepe. Kaz has served crepes to the finest people in england over the years there’s not too many people that don’t know about heavenly crepes. He’s served weddings he’s served political functions he’s served royalty. Heavenly Crepes has served the community for a long time. Kids that came to Heavenly Crepes now show up with their young family and serve their kids Heavenly Crepes and it’s a story about the history of heavenly crepes and on this day kaz gets a bit bleary eyed and he takes his place at the crepe stand and he starts serving crepes again and people are presenting him with gifts and money and fruit and business cards and kaz is thinking back over his time at the crepe stand and how it really has been some 30 years and people he knows from his life are in the line and it’s just a really joyous event as people get their crepes from kaz himself and they have the nutella and it’s a heart warming story of how the community comes together to give kaz what he always wondered if he would ever get the longest line and a reporter is there to cover the story and she’s in her 30’s and she’s interviewing kaz while he’s working and making the crepes and she’s taking a lot of photographs and recording a lot of video and kaz is telling her that he was just a little brtish business nut and he found something he could do and over time it just became what he did and he loved people and he loved food and he just ran a crepe stand into british history and he talked about how he’s still got 30 years left in him to write crepe history at the market and the reporter was commenting on this show of support for one of the oldest stands at the market and kaz was letting everyone know how much he appreciated them and it was a crepe stand across the street from him that had been there for 10 years that was feeling shitty like there was a crepe stand that had only been serving crepes for 10 years and it wasn’t getting nearly as much press as kaz had gotten in the history of heavenly crepes and the place was named Hell’s Pancakes and Hell’s Pancakes owner walked out of his stand and started screaming FUCK HEAVENLY CREPES THEY USE DIRTY WATER and kaz let loose on a tirade that to this day went down in british history as only kaz could do and he took a second to stop serving crepes to just cuss this hells pancakes mother fucker out and he ranted for a good 5 minutes and then hell’s pancakes walked out in the central circus and then kaz stepped out into the central circus and they had it out like it was armageddon like heavenly crepes versus hell’s pancakes and they just got into this verbally psycotically violent altercation and there were some people in line with hell’s pancakes and they point out he makes his own nutella and kaz points out he skimps on the ingredients and this epic ten year long stand off in the business of crepes comes to a head in the center of the circus it’s like a young man versus an old man and they’re squaring off over crepes and the news shows up and they detail how it wasn’t supposed to be like this and the lines are just standing there taking photographs of this epic let off of steam and hell’s pancakes is tired of the press heavenly crepes gets when he sells the same product and everyone lets hell’s pancakes know that that is precisely why he doesn’t get press because he’s some kind of copy cat and hell’s pancakes just quietly goes back to making crepes and kaz quietly goes back to making crepes and kaz has his assistant bring over a crepe to hell’s pancakes with a note that says YOU’LL GET THERE ONE DAY and hell’s crepes just wants so badly to be there and Kaz is like you can’t be there if i’m here and the reporter covers the story



First cows milk

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