The Bucket

It was Bacal’s Cafe that allowed it first. You had to go downstairs and you had to sit on a bucket but Bacal’s Cafe was the first place to legalize weed in College Hill. They had tacit permission from the Police Chief that moved in up on the corner to behave like this and quite frankly both Bacal’s Cafe and the Police Chief were interested in setting the tone for the future of weed legalization in College Hill. It’s sort of legal is some parts of the state that sort of think it’s not a terrible idea. It was when a dispensary opened up in Northside that just sold CBD oil and edibles that the police chief from College Hill noted this and Lacy from Bacal’s had a cousin that was on the force and he told her to talk to the police chief and she did and he smoked when he was a teenager and never knew any harm from it and quite frankly he liked the idea of people smoking weed because he liked the way it felt when he was a teenager and he wanted a place he could go and smoke and not have to eat weed. He didn’t want to eat weed you can fuck that up. He liked the idea of smoking weed. He was a new kind of police chief. Pro weed police. They exist. They do.

Cincinnati had to be high out of it’s mind to install a subway system. It started in Bacal’s basement.

“I’m tellin you, the subway is going to be easy to install, we take the proceeds from the Subway Restaurants, we turn those into Kroger’s sponsored sandwich shops, naw naw naw, we take the United Dairy Farmers and we legalize weed in THEIR basements and we take the proceeds from the weed to fund the subway.” said Stephen.

“Naw we do it without money. We take some real motherfuckers from Cincinnati, Ohio, I’m talking some real got Cincinnati Reds tatoo’s on their backs lookin muffuckas, and we just do it. We just put in the work. We do it for the weed. If they want to legalize weed on ANY level and legitimize our hustle then we show them what it’s worth to us, and we put in the work to make the subway work, we put the weed money to the subway. We make certain this city knows that weed is paying for it’s subway and it’s going to do it in a real weed way. We just going to do it, we spent about they say 70 years legalizing a drug, and think about it, this was a real straight laced United States of America, this was a place where Prohibition took place this was a place where people just wanted people to act right, and “ said James.

“Would you stop. We don’t owe no one nothing.’ said Raschael.

“Look, look how much land we have in every direction north of the Ohio River, it’s a work. It’s a work that we are going to do. It’s a work wide open, the Subway been abandoned since they started installing it and we got to finish it. Elon Musk is putting a hyper loop between las vegas and new york city but before he get to saint louis with that thing, we gonna have our subway finished. We gonna do a major work and not only are we gonna do a major work we are going to do the most major work and declare ourselves here and we are gonna do the subway.” said James.

“Look here J, I’m sittin on a bucket in the basement of Bacal’s cafe, they ain ready.” said Stepehen.

“We ready tho. Thank you so much for the ranch fries.” said James being given a plate full of his favorite food.

“You’re welcome.” said Dave, the server.

“I’m sittin on a bucket in the basement of Bacal’s Cafe and that’s how different all this shit is. This shit is that different. “ said James.

Anthony walked up on the conversation and pulled himself up a bucket.

“Tony, what’s shakin?” said Stephen.

“Just, just all kinds of shit. Like this bucket right here the meaning of life to me right now. I walked up here from North College Hill to see who was on the buckets.” said Anthony.

“Not sure why we can’t be up top in front of the place or on the side, not sure why we in this basement on these buckets smoking trees.” said Stephen.

“These buckets are nice, it’s what it represents. We somewhere safe. We can smoke. We putting a good face on weed so that in a couple years we can smoke up top.” said James.

“This is stupid. I’ll say it. This is stupid. This is just another level of being treated like a 2nd Class Citizen for no reason at all but I’m not going to march on city hall for weed. I just think this is stupid.” said Raschael.

“We’re not 2nd class citizens, we got promoted and we’re getting promoted further. Alcohol and Cigarettes are fucking powerful. The Federal Government, the Church. Dillions of people are not interested in this plight at all and I mean it’s an exotic location to smoke weed. I don’t mind it. It fits weed. I know how weed got treated for years. I sell weed. I remember when I used to take my scales with me and one time I got pulled over by a cop and he fucking took me in for processing. I had my car towed. I was like aw man intent to sell. I thought to myself GREAT, now I can a job in sales at Metro PCS, I knew they hired weed dealers and this was just going to end up as evidence on my resume, that I was that involved in weed. I like the vibe of this place, there’s a radio even though we are listening to Pandora on our smart phones.” said Tony.

James quick wit it rolled up another joint.

“What are you guys doing this afternoon?” said Anthony.

“This.” said James.

“I got the cash for an ounce, you guys want to call some people. We got the room.” said Tony.

The place was three rooms deep of concrete flooring and was where you got the ice cubes from for the top restaurant. It wasn’t ventilated and the top restaurant knew they were smoking weed downstairs. You could smell it but like College Hill and Bacal’s was catering to a different clientele now. They wanted weed in College Hill. So where Bacal’s would tell them to quit smoking, Randal the owner didn’t mind and he explained to the complaints that they were trying something new and he was working to turn that bar into a dispenary. He tried Jack one last time and he thought to himself, I knew it, I knew this was a bad product. Randal was another convert to weed and he was involving himself in the edibles. It was sort of a miracle because more than one person at the restaurant remarked that they liked the new fragrance of the place. Randal took that into consideration and the fact that he got a free pound of weed a month for keeping that basement open.

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