Letter to the New York Times

I know what I would, as an aside I don’t know if you got the previous email because I didn’t get a receipt or a kick back like I did the first one, so I’m just writing you again … I don’t know I got time to kill this doesn’t cost a stamp …

Like IF I was going to be on a talk show I’d want to talk about talking to yourself … like I’d want to be like yeah like most of the time I’m alone in my apartment on a conference call with someone really important and they use my own mouth as a communication device to me like someone is using my mouth to talk to me and they go through my email and let me know I’m doing a good job

Like the relationship I have with the voices in my head are positive they think I’m funny most of the time and they point out if I put negative energy I’d probably want to kill myself with the amount of my output but since I put out positive energy I get positive responses in my personal life

Yeah I’m ready for television and when I finally lose 20% of my current body weight I’ll be ready for film … like I can put oprah on the phone and get that inspirational message and start crying on cue … like I have techniques too it’s just that I can’t cry on cue unless oprah is talking to me on the phone …

I’m ready I developed my character fully … I want to star in that film SPACE ELEVATOR and mostly talk about in the film what is the string that we are traveling up connected to like that’s mostly what we talk about in Space Elevator and maybe we talk about what we plan to do when we get to the space station … like I’m going to play with water bubbles and she said she was going bounce around in the cabin …

Yeah …

There’s no one like me on this planet … I’m unique … I am truly a unique snowflake but like I’m still basically the same as the rest of the snowflakes but if you pressure me I can be like yeah I mean yeah I’m the only one like me but I’m the only one like me like everyone is the only one like themselves … like if you put a spotlight on me I do a little dance too sort of like everyone else … like I’m unique just like everyone else and I’ve been seriously writing since I was 25 some 15 years ago …

I’m hoping to get a receipt for this it’s confusing when I only get one receipt like it’s fucked up to me that I would talk to myself about an email you didn’t receive



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