New York Times Letter

It’s my opinion that for the most part people follow a path of least resistance like in life and that I am finding myself naturally in part because I can’t afford it mostly, like I want to get a subscription to the nation, the New York Times, the Economist, the Atlantic, the Enquirer,  Fader Magazine, Spin Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine, like I want that 1990’s cultural experience but I’m using Facebook and I personally notice that I don’t know enough about what a facebook corporation might be up to … like I’m currently scared most of the time living in my apartment because I live alone, like it’s like a fear you have coursing through your body and you still have to do your dishes while you’re afraid of living alone, and that path of least resistance like Facebook has an amount of data like Newsweek for example knew your address when they sent you your magazine Facebook knowns my entire family tree from my perspective because I filled out a form, like corporate America does not actually have too much of a good reputation and I find myself wanting to defend facebook because it’s like my generations thing but I find myself questioning the model of the news I am receiving like I think if you subscribe to facebook like I do and like every major news outlet you get to this moderno sexual manhood where you at least me you just grow in importance as you comment and you disavow all need for any ceremony in life like I’m tired of ceremony and I’m trying to fix the world through my comments like it’s the man that’s on facebook trying to save the world with his comments like the university graduate that’s trying to put band aids on all the problems of the world on facebook … he feels important and he doesn’t know how obscure he is but he knows he sent an email to his city council and the governor called just last week to respond to an email he sent … like the publicly unknown facebook commentator that is known by his local governments and he’s on facebook every day recently trying to heal the world one facebook post at a time … and facebook is considered evil when it gives a university academic access to all the worlds problems neatly and efficiently and he just goes from problem to problem in effect solving global crisi one problem at a time 8 hours  a day like 6 days a week … this was a burn and quite frankly I know English is a Germanic language on a side note I’ve been writing since to be African since I was 6 but to be European since I was 25 but I have gotten to the point where I can write latin styled Germanic sentences complete with compound word neologisms and a lack of need for punctuation like it feels good on my end and I get something out of this like this is like a burn for me like I learn from my writing like I share my focus studies …





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