Ready for Charlie Rose

the new cool is making it onto a talk based on your performance in the comment section on facebook like the new game is like okay we have news outlets they provide the news and writing prompts and then players get to show off their writing skills in the comments section and the faster you get to TOP FAN in a category the more you win and then the more TOP FAN accolades you get the more important you are …

i get that we’re a hunter gatherer society so like i think i’m so geeked about the internet because i get to hunt and gather at the same time …

be cool to end up Seth Meyer’show like have seth meyers fly me in put me up and fly me home just so that he can kick it with me backstage for like an hour and have me on his show to pepper me with questions

like as far as i can tell like it’s live your life , end up on a talk , and then be known for being on that talk show by like a person in your city but like in my world all i’m missing is like well quite frankly i think i qualify for Charlie Rose i think that’s actually more what i’m looking for ..

but i’m ready for the talk show circuit … i let the 3rd world know precisely what it needed to do to make it …


nicholas lawson

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