Nicholas Lawson it sort of makes sense like if you take a rock for example like it’s not possible for a rock to come from nothing so you have to align yourself with the fact that you exist for a femto second and this rock exists for all time like you’re just here for a tik and what you’re surrounded by has always been and this is your chance to do whatever you think you should do and my idea is since it’s not a pop culture or actual work in progress is to write about immortality and be like yes i do want to live forever and then on top of that maybe inspire a future with time travel to based on it’s internet archeological studies find me and save me because i wrote like this like what am i trying to say be so special that somehow you live forever while you’re standing on a rock that’s spinning around a fire that’s never not existed
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  • Nicholas Lawson i do wonder if billions of people are failing every day not achieving immortality that’s my latest large thought
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  • Nicholas Lawson my personal thought is ASAP take like the elderly and don’t freeze them but hook them up to catheters and dialysis and every tube you got and lace em up with it and store them in warehouses like we’ll figure out what to do with them in terms of bringing them youth later but for now just store the elderly in warehouses and i get brain dead but there’s probably a way to bring that back but storing of the elderly in warehouses like not cold storage like just there created a job
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