Economist Essay Contest Entrant

What fundamental economic and political change, if any, is needed for an effective response to climate change?

With the term politics describing human behavior in terms of it’s the study of who gets what with that being the definition of politics precisely a term that describes the conversation relating to WHO GETS WHAT? With Economy being described as the term that describes a society’s collective behavior. So you have politicians describing who get’s what and you have economists discussing human behavior at large. It bares to light that a politician AND an economist have been notified by a Scientist that the earth is getting warmer because of political and economic forces and the Scientist noted the change and now politicians and economists have to write human behavior such that we stabilize our ecological framework.

It can be stated that transitioning to electric powered cars at the expense of the burning of fossil fueled cars is the answer. You want more than a single producer of Electric Vehicles BECAUSE electric vehicles do not burn carbon fuels and run on a cold engine that does not operate on a basis of pistons firing which get the engine hot. In a world where heat trapping gases are released and heat is released from cars the electric car is our only option which presents us with the problem of excess acid being produced which is it’s own problem but not a problem that involves the atmosphere.

Extra Acid is an easier problem to deal with than extra heat so, go with electric cars. Manifest an electric car economy.

Not certain how many words that is. Just know Elon Musk is working on the problem but quite frankly it’s the original concept of the car basically go with the original design.


Nicholas Lawson B.A.
Age : 38
Country : USA

Post Script … do that please please assign more essay topics

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