I’m Nick. I’m a long time alumni of the University of Cincinnati. I see that you are interested in Gannett. I hear you are interested in cost savings and digital growth. I’m having trouble getting people to respond to my emails I’m going to start making phone calls but if you thought about this that’s not being done. GATEHOUSE MEDIA could do this but if you partnered with Starbucks or any coffee shop or series of coffeeshops for that matter and you had the Enquirer let’s say in Cincinnati being pumped in Cincinnati at Starbucks in Cincinnati which increases your readership. I never heard of an online magazine or newspaper that partnered with a coffee shop before. The increased online readership should increase revenue in terms of being able to sell more valuable advertising online.

The entire online model of doing business is astonishing. I have https://nickspoems.com which in 1990 as a magazine have been a $250,000 operation and I would be treated like the man wherever I went but in 2018 having something as well put together as https://nickspoems.com is even cause for concern. Like it really really really really is cash in the bank that determines how important you are. It really is and I never had to deal with that before until recently.

I just thought I would point it out we’re in the same business. IF you partner WITH a coffee shop you can share advertising with them and increase your traffic footprint and create culture and your editors could start molding your writers into culturalists.

This is just an email … i’m free to talk to but if i found myself knowing something you didn’t know I’d be surprised. you might not have thought to partner with a coffee shop. i might have thought of that.



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