Astronomy 202

Dear John,

I took an astronomy course and after 20 years of sitting on the story I as an English Literature Graduate of the University of Cincinnati had this thought.

If Jupiter is a failed star I had this thought I was told the sun is going to expand one day but if it expands all the way out to Jupiter like I heard it might Jupiter might explode and that would feed the sun and then Saturn Uranus and Neptune would explode as well and those might be dense planets. I just thought is it logical to assume that when our sun collapses Jupiter Saturn Neptune and Uranus will explode as well.

I also thought that a sufficiently advanced Human society could take star fuel from mars and inject it into the sun to refuel it.

This is all just creative writing but I think earth’s purpose is to become so intellectually powerful than it can control the sun and keep it from exploding thereby ensuring the planet earth forever.

How’s that for creative writing?

I thought who would I write about this to?
I wrote you. I’ll also point out until you see the moon through a telescope in my opinion you never saw the moon. That thing’s just fucking floating up there and I never knew until an astronomy class field trip.


Nicholas Lawson of

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