Letter to Machine Gun Kelly

I just thought I’d write you and tell you that I have a website known as https://nickspoems.com and I would be willing to pay Machine Gun Kelly $60 if he would write 500 words for that website. Just some Colson writing I remember the one scene where he held up a lot of books I noticed he didnt get scouted for University I notice his music videos are high production value but does he need $60? … i’m trying to spend my cash QUICK when I get it on disability until I can quit smoking which is all i spend my money on .. my life story is WACK as shit but it’s pretty cool it’s just the story of the wackest rapper my life … but I did graduate from University of Cincinnati and long story short if you check out https://nickspoems.com would Machine Gun Kelly be up for writing 500 words on whatever comes to mind and sending me an email with the text so that i can upload it to https://nickspoems.com under the byline Machine Gun Kelly and would you be my first stringer for a magazine that is in gear it’s just in need of traffic and I also wouldn’t mind someone reading my writing and giving me some feed back … i think i got like one screw loose like not all my screws is loose but i think one screw is loose …

i learned about you back shortly after you freestyled in the car with the black dude singing and like then there’s cleveland and chip off the block and i seen all your videos i’m regularly doing media studies and like for the most part i’m pretty up on commercial music video art and i’ve been paying attention to new music videos but i used to perform and it’s a fucking saga why i’m on disability and what it all means and


this was already too wordy but i put some of myself into it …

bottom line would Machine Gun Kelly be interested in receiving $60 in exchange for writing 500 words I’m set i don’t need cash for a convenience store i can just starve myself off cigarette addiction?

that’s like 10 cents a word close

so could i book you for 500 words on the topic of your choice i might put out there it’d be cool if it was a poem but feel free to write anything you want

check me out first i’ve lost touch with what is socially acceptable in culture


Nicholas Lawson

ps – i’m like 38 years old so to me this is major to be able to pay someone to write is a major accomplishment for me and it’s like CAN cincinnati and cleveland unite in this one designer punk rock zine that looks flawless but is all kinds of ZINE punk rock like i started a punk rock zine like my 12th zine this one’s the zine though THIS IS THE ZINE THO nickspoems.com that’s the zine it looks flawless but the content is punk rock …

thought i’d put some meat on my first initial contact with THEE machine gun kelly be cool if you wrote something for me …

i’d think that’s cool as shit if i had a custom machine gun kelly poem … i’d also point out it might be interesting if you explained just what the process is behind memorizing 5000 words for a 45 minute set and not fucking up once i think i was just too human to be a rock star i can’t memorize shit that’s what’s impressive to me about music it’s the thing they do that no one else does which is develop the most impressive memories every rock star pop star rapper i know of has a fucking mutant ability to memorize lines and i ain like that so i can see why i never became a rock star more often than i was that one night

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