meditation space fuck you that would be a terrible name for a punk rock zine … i don’t know how this language adds up from time to time or if the past present and future interact with the language but MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN MAGAZINE or MAGA ZINE is just not funny. it’s a lethal idea that pokes too much fun at too many people like in my head MAGA ZINE does an article about the importance voting and how you can do it in your head … or it’s time to pay taxes how to get H and R Block to take on your debt and leave you with a better tax identity for the IRS or it’s a magazine with an article like Make America Great Again and let’s work on our finishing moves when we rig an election

shit like that

only real trouble you can get in is when you’re G rated no one gives a flying fuck about profanity but when you’re like LION KING QUALITY G RATED you can get in shit loads of trouble i’m not recommending MAGA ZINE to anyone until like 2030 … HEAD take that head it’s too funny an idea and no i don’t know why i thought of MAGA ZINE in 2020 ….

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