First Name Nicholas
Last Name Lawson
Address 6840 Simpson Avenue #4
City / State / Zip North College Hill, OH 45239
Phone Number 513.500.0857
Subject Something
Message I’ve done enough media studies that i know I’m some kind of freak but to meet you 70 percent into my fold i’ll hold onto 30 percent of this relationship to porn that i have but quite frankly

BLOVE the youtube star has a youtube channel of her eating and i can just as easily watch that when i’m alone and horny to assist in getting a nut out

if you’re subconsciously trying to take a stance that having actual sex is the goal here that masturbating defeats an entire social ceremony that we are all apart of fine but if you are going to be anti porn and consider it harmful i can just as easily fall entirely in line with Ohio’s General Assembly and watch videos of people eating point out to be honest that i get just as aroused watching a woman eat as i do watching her fuck

ask around WHO gets aroused watching Blove eat macaroni and cheese?

just saying i posture that if you want something bad enough in life you get it and if you want there to be no sex porn at all go with food porn i literally only use porn as a means of visual aid it’s difficult to get hard with my imagination it’s not hard to get hard with porn and if for some reason anyone is anti masturbation then legislate that whores can’t charge more than $10 an hour and i’ll stop watching porn and start having sex and live the moral life i know i can

i almost started massaging myself watching Blove eat a cheese steak

just saying

a BE HONEST CAMPAIGN watching someone eat is as strange as watching someone fuck they’re both equally strange to witness might be why i’m aroused when i watch it

i am some kind of freak apparently that i give this much of a fuck about this issue but you could make sex porn illegal and force people to watch food porn

just saying you imagined a world without porn


First Name Nicholas
Last Name Lawson
Address 6840 Simpson Avenue #4
City / State / Zip North College Hill, OH 45239
Phone Number 513.500.0857
Subject Amendment
Message I would like to add an amendment to house resolution 180 … i would just like to add that until anal disinfectant is developed that to stymie the STD population and shrink it to miniscule amounts that ohio citizens would be called to NOT engage in anal sex of any kind be it genitalia related anal sex or oral pleasure of the anal cavity

i would just like to point out that could be used for sex education and could be used as a teaching tool because all of the sexual positions used on for the most part are healthy G rated sexual play

i think if ohio wanted to do something for ohio it would find some ohio lovers and would have them put on a show for the kids in terms of how ohio people make love if better than san diego quality porn was developed in ohio in line with the Hustler Store in Cincinnati, Ohio located downtown in the business district of a major metropolitan city if Ohio blew some serious cash on some people to do award winning love making on camera to instill in the children a sense of what passion looks like since not everyone is a passionate lover or thinks passionate lover thoughts but everyone needs to know what passion looks like at a young age in this modern time

apparently i have a lot to say on this issue most likely because it never occurred to me that nudity at a young age , making out as a teen , or making love in my twenties was anything to be ashamed of at all and then i started watching porn after my love making days were over and complete and for the most part i critique porn and it’s usually amateurish in quality

i had some more thoughts

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