Not Certain Why I Need an Agent

Dear Ethan,

Hello sir, I am Nicholas Lawson. I think a COOL book would be something like https;// collected together with some other clipping from my writing studio. I’m a creative writer and less a novelist like I recently got excited in the news when I developed a furthering of the story of the Tooth Fairy. There was a story about a kid that had 537 teeth and I took that as an element to add to the tooth fairy and incited that she needed a place to store her teeth. Glad a gear of mind spun for a radial and gave me an extension on the tooth fairy story.

I write. I have a website where I publish and try to sell books. I just finished my website about a week after spending about a year on it. I was thinkin I could take what I have here mixed with some other writing clips from my desktop and smajjel a book together.

I was into obscure broad spectrum literature as a kid like there were times I just picked a book up because it looked weird.

I’d publish if you want something weird sitting on the shelf of a bookstore that is going out of business but it could sell on amazon and I know how to upload it to I don’t actually know why I need an agent could you meet this pitch with a pitch as to why I need an agent?

If there was a book called CLIPS that’s based on the work of I’m pretty much done so I actually need to see some initiative from a literary agent and an interest in selling this book.

I wrote you because you were a man … it does seem like mostly chick literature is getting published … am I even allowed to talk to you?

I’m basically done I’m just cataloging interesting emails as they come up in my life and some story and some fodder and I’m done trying to be the deepest. I’m not entertained by writing anymore I just do it out of habit. I read the news a lot and get about 30 likes a week and 15 responses on facebook of people receiving comments for their writing I am one of them.

It’s all there at I was just thinking I could compile that into a book just smash it together, pull the content and then start on next year’s book … which would be in the same location.

I’m just using a website to host my writing so I can share it.


Let me know what you think.

No I’m not typical.


Nicholas Lawson Bachelor of Arts

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