Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says white supremacy is is like a virus and it’s america’s original sin

you’re talking about work originally the people that did all the most difficult work to build this nation were in fact put off by the lack of work other people were doing … white europeans coming to america in ships they built with their bare hands from the wood from trees came here and then 200 years later people forgot who did the major planning for this nation like alexandrai ocasio cortez has a position in a system that runs far better than any system in the souther americas that she is getting listened to is evidence white people are superior because white people in government stick to their system and go about their day AOC is the youngest member of congress that makes the news a lot and white people are allowed to feel superior to EVERYONE AND ANYONE on this planet just like a mexican immigrant is allowed to feel Superior to everyone on this planet it’s just more people having an issue with white people being about white people because everyone knows we’re in a white person’s system but people need to denigrate the people that produced the system that allows you to feel important

i break down into chairs europeans developed a system of chairs that when you sit in them give you magical power and now AOC is sitting in one of those chairs and she only knows how powerful that chair is because a white man showed her

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