Dear Brad Wenstrup …

i notice the government is in the business of selling weapons it seems, selling marijuana, selling lottery tickets, levying taxes to create a situation where the money IT printed is then given back to it I think another way you could receive your money back would be with a FEDERAL WEB HOSTING PROVIDER if there was something i could FTP into that would give me a permanent residence for any kind of website or platform I want to build if just the federal government got into web hosting it could be something else the federal government has in it’s playbook in terms of how to get finances to circle back into itself so that it can circle the finances back out so that the finances could circle back in

just a thought that a monumental website would be a hosting provider with rock solid coding and the device that the hosting is held on would be in a location that is traditionally and historically safe from earthquake or fire …. that the federal government would put a website online that promises hosting for 300,000,000 and plans on actually at least at first handling some 20,000,000 accounts in the days following opening day.

i talked about a rock solid website that is masonic in it’s craftsmanship and just becomes a major component of the federal government and you need identification to log into your account

i can’t develop a hosting platform but i can build a website

just it would be nice if i knew i could store all my files and all my work in a place that would keep the digital work i did safe after i die so that as i am dying i’m not worrying about if my writing would ever mean something to someone

sort of an idea i have a web hosting platform that is like a cemetary where everyone involved is working on their tombstone not sure what else the internet is other than a tombstone and i can’t be certain anything anything at all on this internet will last more than a pica second in history but i’d like to know my writing has a final resting place and just get to work building up a body since i don’t know what else i would do but write for the rest of my days …



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