From Now On We’re Playing With Grocery Store Rules

i just got back from the grocery store and up here in living in theory land i’m at work every day pounding out an ethos but after this last trip to the grocery store i realize i’m fucking only fighting like 16 people on this planet like it’s me trying to teach my lesson or rather me trying to give back to society what i was given at university and i just got back from the grocery store and i found just a room full of weak people like north college hill some kind of retirement community and like i just saw innocence unleashed at krogers and in side a fucking grocery store there’s NO RACISM WHATSOEVER like that grocery store is racism free that’s just a ceremony that we all love and i used to work there but i was so fat i couldn’t restock the corn on the lowest shelf but when it comes to these high minded concepts of race and religion i’m debating with someone as informed as i am so that like look i’m preparing for a chess game with myself and i came to the conclusion it was a stalemate

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