Letter to Brad Wenstrup


Newsweek just reported that Republicans are not going to be using Twitter and stop doing business with Social Media because of Bias … I would like to point out that as I understand it Google Facebook Twitter and Pinterest are run by people in their 30’s and when I was younger I used to kvetch at the language of my elders and they might not be experienced enough to listen to a Republican and are easily swayed by youth peer pressure to behave like a Democrat.

What I am proposing is that someone somewhere develops a content management system for everyone that is pro freedom of speech and that also requires you to identify yourself with state ID to use your account. I think that’s the federal communications application the one where you have to buy a card swipe at a premium and you slide your state ID for it to use the site. I just think anyone that uses the Federal Communications System would take pride in having to identify themselves on the platform and that in light of the Washington Monument, the Library Of Congress, NASA at Cape Canaveral that it would end up being and would be aimed at being the most technologically sound piece of internet architecture like as finely architected as the buildings in Washington DC are is as fine as the platform would appear online.

Just a thought. I think I’m a republican I might be green though or libertarian i don’t know I’d point out that there could be a federal content management system that is highly useful and beneficial to man kind in general in the USA and maybe other countries. I just think it’s embarrassing to read about hold donald trump is using twitter.

just a thought

be less embarrassing to yourself and architect something that distinguishes you as as advanced as you are.



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