Letter to the President

https://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-iran-usa/trump-says-he-aborted-retaliatory-strike-to-spare-iranian-lives-idUSKCN1TL07P i just saw an editorial that was checking items off a list of all the fucked up reasons donald trump is in the white house and i remembered this one thing that he did that showed extremely high quality decision making skills like i never hated donald trump i had a friend who loved donald trump and a mother that loved donald trump but i did hear he canceled an attack which could have led to another counter attack which would have led to another counter attack and i paid attention to the fact that he intelligently did not engage in warfare with iran and start a major conflict that could have escalted

i just think i’ll judge him by this one newspaper article and yeah in society he’s a prick in SOCIETY but as a president i think he did a pretty good job

like maybe someone didn’t ever want him to be prom king and now he’s prom king and i see some adult prom shit going on in the name of donald trump

and yeah he did have this article written about him and as an amateur historian of sorts just someone with a good memory really in response to

i wrote this

they might look back at him for this https://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-iran-usa/trump-says-he-aborted-retaliatory-strike-to-spare-iranian-lives-idUSKCN1TL07P this one thing he did makes him cool with me he’s a blowhard 70 year old that’s set in like his 3rd set of ways but he didn’t bring us into a war … i know he did that and i’m a bit of a historian typically in music but this right here might have been all he needed to do NOT start World War III

so all in all i think he’s receiving negative press to program voters not to like him because all a voter knows is what the media tell them about a candidate which gets taken advantage of because they present themselves as the people that are going to thinking for us

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