Dear Primax …

An associate of mine that worked his way up to NASA when he was in design school for a side project to make money he did something pretty brilliant he developed a designer logo type and image set and then he networked and sold a company on a design and they had a finished product to observe in a field that can get extremely difficult to mange in terms of producing work for a client that would be appreciative.

I present to you Twenty Twelve on the platform.

I have heavily customized a wordpress theme and i just thought that it’s the minutia of my design that you would appreciate. I know you can reverse engineer this but I just thought I would show fashionistas like yourself something that I spent a year refining and tweaking and discarding and redoing until i finally settled on a classic design that puts me at ease.

Thought you might want to see something in wordpress that someone thought was special.

Yeah I need work but I also need to get work without a car.

It occurs to me that I’m showing it to you but it just makes sense to me in the graphic arts to do something and have a thing you sell so that everyone involved knows what they are getting involved in.

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