just a little gushy bean

ya’ll the funniest people about money even that bernie madoff and that Jack Abramoff, that bill clinton, and now this donald trump like nothing but i just had a aura around my computer that painted this all in a picture of like why would i even want money? i get some trading paper to fuck around with every friday and i just buy shit from the convenience store did that for a year and going on 2 and then i sit at home and leave facebook comments like i have a smoking habit a facebook habit or social media habit rather and like i wake up in the morning sit down to social media and then go to sleep and wake up and do social media been doing that regimen for the last 11 months i was on twitter but they suspended my account for something i tweeted ABC that i don’t know of on twitter it was a lot of subconscious writing but then you got bit coin and i don’t know i might think of a cool little thing in light of bitcoin like i might see if i could DEFINE a physical currency and engage in some bitcoin like financial business …

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