Letter to Playboy

I just thought to myself that if I understand correctly Playboy was a literary magazine at one point with the finest contemporary american prose and it had some topless models to give some men something pleasurable to think about but it was a magazine geared towards men and men wanted to see tits and ass and men still want to see tits and ass and that’s what’s great about tits and ass is that it never gets old staring at tits and ass and when you’re in the same room with tits and ass that’ a memorable day.

i have https://nickspoems.com i’d be willing to link trade with you. it’s a basic digital venture i have nickspoems.com finished and in production mode traffic is trickling in and it’d be nice of you to help me out you advertise to a broader market than i do but i get wordpress traffic? que?

just saying … you have a website and i have a website and i write so i wrote you because it occurred to me HISTORICALLY you and me have gotten along flawlessly in terms of our roles like you get paid to put the advertising together , i get paid to do the writing , she gets paid to take her shirt off and it all comes together into this magazine that people JUST HAVE TO HAVE to see the latest TITS ya see like Lenny Bruce ya see every time a woman takes her shirt off for a photo shoot is like a super bowl ring winning ceremony and i have nickspoems.com and i might even be interested in trading you some of my clippings that are nicely done for a couple photos of some women

or something

this is for ventures ….

anything here after you check out the site anything you see value in?

is see value in tits and ass and that’s just me at 38

it’s still not old looking at bitch’s titties or staring at her ass



a link exchange would be what i would like to start with as a venture

i’m nicholas the failed email business man



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