Response to a Typo I Wasn’t even going to write

oo that last email i have astute muscle memory and it’s the main source of my typo that seems to come and go when it pleases but i did not mean to say that I HAD a gate program i meant to say they could plug websites like those into their version of a Gifted and Talented Program

i said i had one accidentally

i don’t

Gate is the thing that takes the students that are paying attention in class and doing their homework 100% of the time access to higher level educational rigor because they’ll do the work that’s all gate is those kids that are just doing their work get separated from the people that ain EVEN doing shit the people that ain doing nothing you got a problem with people doing nothing start a GATE Program

that was like a jellybean flavor that paragraph right there that was gooey

sorry for the lack of smooth polish

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