What goes in my mind like sometimes it feels like there’s a house in my head

thought to myself if mark zuckerberg can do bit coin and that serves as a liquid for finance what can i make with some equipment around here to mimic that entire bitcoin ethos like other than money could i make like a wooden coin that’s REALLY FUCKING PRETTY like or something i don’t know but in response to bit coin there might be something you can make that would trade for cash just as easily like i would contest that if bitcoin is relevant currency a poem written on a sheet of paper is as well the documentary documenting the rise of the poem note titled POEM NOTE and it’s the story of someone that wrote a poem on a sheet of paper and offered to try to trade it for some food at the local diner and he couldn’t get it accepted anywhere else but whenever he gave her his poem she made sure he ate little guy some 24 year old that has mental illness and he wanted to write a poem for the bar but yadda yadda long story short an elegy about the man that out smarted bitcoin with a rock he found laying on the side of the road AHYUCK this was supposed to be a mind altering dimension changing thought when i first thought it and then the memory thieves took i felt lost and then i saw bitcoin and was reminded what the thought was but i will think a thought like i’ll do this to get the same fiscal liquid ability as bitcoin just maybe bring some copies of my book up to the ameri stop and be like here sell these for $25 and give me $12 every time a book sells and take a fat margin cut on a bit coin competitor the long awaited THE WRITTEN WORK OF NICHOLAS LAWSON and i got a bit coin there i mined for it brought it to reality and for a copy of this rare book caked in techniques can i get something for it writing might be the only thing that can prove bitcoin retarded

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