Dear Brad Wenstrup Representative of the 2nd District of the State of Ohio …

$7.65 * 40 * 4

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(US$ 7.65) * 40 * 4 =
1224 US$

I figured I would point out that based on some math $1224.00 it looks like that’s base level government assistance as the numbers in life are skewed to be in favorable support of the 40 hour work week ….

I make $700 in cash and $200 a month in food stamps and i tell myself i just need a little bit more and i did some math and i’m short about $300 in groceries a month and that’s what it looks like to me from my perspective that the reason to dole out $300 more in food allowance is because to me you want your baseline salaries in line with baseline numbers and that’s respectable math

that’s a basic math equation that can serve as a political model for precisely where SSI and SSDI should lie …


Nicholas Lawson

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