booking a gig

Dear MOTR,

Okay … you can go ahead and book me for January 1st … I just request that my check be cut in half between me and a bartender at MOTR and I just need you to hold a smart phone up to the mic and i’ll just go ahead and perform.

the first joke for my 25 minute set is Alright I know we know about the Maleman I know every day a maleman comes to the houses looking to see if any single women want to fuck he’s got his alibi but you know what one time this suburban hooker not talking street hooker talking SUB URBAN HOOKER gettin it done hooker hooker she put on a business suit with a button that Female Woman and she started going door to door to see who wanted to fuck and those were the first soul mates the first Maleman and the first Female Woman … they each had work for each other and

yeah anyways just riffing on FemaleWoman

but you can go ahead and book me for January 1st

and I’ll do some jokes and some drama and poetry through a smart phone loud speaker taped to the microphone yes that is more what i need i need someone to duct tape a smart phone to a microphone and i’ll perform into the speaker piece my entire set

this set called LAZY

or something

i don’t know

but i can do 25 minutes through a smart phone on news years day and it’s through a smart phone someone is holding up to the mic and that’s my schtick i perform through a smart phone into a microphone

names Nicky Deep …


Nicholas Lawson

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