A Parable

I just encountered a spiritual and it was the story of a university graduate in computer science that got hired by a computation firm and the first thing he thought to do innocently enough was to debug the legacy code and when a couple of self taught undergraduate drop outs found out he was reformatting their code they got stuck at the thought they literally got stuck in their shoes at the thought that the University Graduate would have a superior way of doing things and he was the first university graduate they hired and it became apparent to the point of conflict which was abated by the University Graduate stuck up for himself and pointed out that he didn’t need to debug his code because his SIGMA 6 programming style he learned at the University of Cincinnati guaranteed results and the drop out self taught coders quite frankly never thought they would feel retarded and it became an issue in the office until the manager explained who was the professional and who was the 2nd Class Citizen AT WORK and some long time employees of Prolecta had to come to an understanding that they had collectively as a whole worked at Prolecta for some 52 years total and the new guy was already their superior and he was in 1st class because in two days of being on the job he had the code organized and running in such a fashion that they could then publish the code as a finished product and this little writing here is a parable that describes something that happens every day when a trained university scholar encounters the real world and they think he or she is stupid for having ever gone to school and then some old man points out to the riff raff that they need to take a back seat the reason we have universities is in the room

but like in the real world we’re pretty much equal it’s not like i can cut in line as soon as i walk to the front of the line and place my order and get my food and walk out just  because i have a website that might employ like two or three white guys that have an interest in writing …

like AT WORK there ar 2nd Class citizens and 3rd class and 8th class citizens like there are expendable people at work and people that do a shitty job at work

i just know at work i do quite well and i know there are people that don’t but i know that i can’t walk to the front of a line somewhere just because i run a website i still have to wait in line like everyone else and follow we’re all equal rules but at work in an office when it’s about getting it done … i’m a different person than that person waiting in line to get mcdonalds … at work at my firm i’m the reason there is a firm not the building the firm is located in … sort of an entire reason to go into business so that i have my own culture to cultivate and benefit straight white men with university degrees everywhere just explain that to the world …

i know i can do that in this month’s episode of FOLLOW THE LEAD i came up with STRAIGHT WHITE MEN INCORPORATED and that’s the name of our business which is in line with this month’s theme LAST MONTH it was all about the CHERRY that I pitched to Proctor and Gamble and the CHERRY is a small paint ball looking gel cap that’s about as big as a golf ball that’s filled with spermicide that a woman inserts into her vag cav right after a man cum’s inside of her all the way and she just pops a cherry and problem solved

not certain what next month will be

this month was about RACISM!

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