i’d assume if i lived in Europe and knew I was a European that I would be highly adept at identifying someone that is NOT european and when they’re not European and you ask someone where they’re from and they get queer with you over where they are from trying to front like they are clearly European … to whit EVERYONE in Europe knows what a European looks like … he was asking her where she was from and it’s not even a decent line of questioning this is a fictional sketch but in this fictional sketch universe the interviewer KNEW what he had in mind for when he was thinking european and he was in the presence of NOT european and it does seem like europeans are the most tolerant of all the people like it’s europeans that bend over backwards to apply their morality to all people and it’s not like for example no one is wondering when the first european king of nigera is going to manifest but we needed a black president just to show how ameniable europeans are to living with other people in my experience for all the racism comments europeans get inundated with EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET IS MORE RACIST THAN A EUROPEAN and it’s almost like they’re using europes rules against europe like in this language they shine but that’s my take on it
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