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Nicholas Lawson back in the civil war there was like 56 or something like there were a couple dozen kinds of paper currency and metallic coins i don’t know where else this conversation is going other the government creating a bit coin i don’t know how else the story will end this looks like literally history repeating itself

that was my comment to this article

Billionaire Entrepreneur Launches Cryptocurrency Bank for Cannabis, Hemp Exchange


i don’t know why anyone things the government wouldn’t come out with a bit coin but the bit coin the government comes out with would be the bit coin that puts bit coin out of business


or i don’t know enough about bitcoin i just read an amount about it and i just don’t know


i know story lines and unique story line is the story of currency like we haven’t been using federal currency since the dawn of time like it’s sort of almost 175 years old federal currency

but if you don’t know that the government came out with a currency and that’s the currency we go with

i don’t know why someone is this where if you don’t know history you’re doomed to repeat it because IF the fed comes out with a bit coin that’s the legal bit coin




and then i wrote this

get the fuck out of here bitcoin like bitcoin is what? some kind of response to economic slavery? the fuck? they’re quoting ghandi and robin hood in the same article of economic discourse … fuck ….

is part of bitcoin obfuscating the truth of what it is … like there is no succinct metaphor that i have found that describes bitcoin … like natural currency is something akin to salt where when it comes down to doing business like you’re working for salt and the person that does the most work gets the most salt and is clearly the most important and then there is the people that work the least the get the least amount of salt and people with a lot of salt are more important than people with a little salt that’s the economy i know it can broken down simply enough

what does bit coin break down to simply enough where’s that article?


Nicholas Lawson

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