they make the news i read the news

Senator Josh Hawley Republican spoke out about social media and the fact that social media is addictive and came up with some COUNTER ADDICTION concepts for social media. I’ll point out I have my social media set to NEWS I read the news every day in some 12 states that is the start of getting more news. I’m on disability. I’m bored. Facebook is a vaguely interesting way of staying informed and I do spend about 8 hours a day on Facebook. I look at reading the news like a job. Like I’m file clerk. Like I saw the above story and now i’m in your inbox letting you know he said that. I see myself as some kind volunteer clerk. I wonder IF i could get paid to read the news and file news reports in different inboxes when appropriate. I need an infinite scroll to keep up with all the pressing headlines and the minutia of it all.


I am doing social work like I don’t know many political career stories but Barrack Obama worked in a church for like $2 an hour for a couple years and then he went into politics. I was on social media for a couple years and then I’m thinking I might as well at least try to run for a state office of some kind maybe even a new position like that i would run for a position i thought of and it would be someone that reads the news .Like a news outfit goes to the trouble of producing and there’s 250 of those and then I go to the trouble of reading the news and publishing news document in people’s inboxes. I don’t know just recently I thought I could get paid for reading the news.

So it’s not addicting it’s that there’s nothing to do. It’s actually quite mundane and boring but i consider MY TIME on social media work. He might not know YOU CAN BE a social media worker. He might not know.

Like i’m the guy that they count on to read the news and like there’s like 4 of us in Ohio or something and there’s like 4 in each state or something and how’s that for job creation.


nicholas lawson

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