University IZ Worth Something …

You’ll learn more from this One Day program than you will at University … I’ve seen this guy a LOT on the internet Tai Lopez I think his name is and he’s selling you on a lifestyle that you can achieve if you take his course that puts you right in the game … and he’s offering college quality education while regularly shitting on college education so he’s taking advantage of the digital medium and he’s selling his technique that he uses to make money online and he does always have cash lying around and planes and tremendously large houses and he’s offering you a slick quick way to make thousands of dollars a week if you just pay attention to his program that’s what this guy is doing it just strikes me how in all the times i’ve seen him shit on college education in terms of how college doesn’t teach you how to acquire cash in buckets every month he is aware that a college education is superior than what he is offering and he’s shitting on college and offering you college quality education … and i remember when this guy was standing in a garage with a lambo and 5000 books that he had read and i’m just like cool KEWL buddy you just keep being one of the only people that takes out fatty ads on youtube because fuck i don’t know what you discovered but quite frankly well i’m on disability and have a great story i don’t need cash per se in that i get an allowance every month but it’s only because this city i live in treated me like i was different and nothing i just put up with a lot of abuse and had a lot of negative energy in me i’m always recovering from abuse is what i am point out but that’s some personal story infused into this small piece of writing that points out just the incongruity of someone shitting on college and offering college quality education in a day like a day just saying

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