It just occurred to me I need some sidewalk chalk

like 300,000,000 million people would have to vote on buying greenland and then we have to pay to relocate the greenlanders or something don’t we? does the USA have to relocate Greenland people so that people from the USA can live there … but like your sewage might get fucked up if you don’t put an american in charge of sewage once you close the deal and they start packing their bags and that’s a hell of a cool movie i might incorporate that into this screen play i need to generate 90 minutes of dialogue for but like it would be like DONALD TRUMP BOUGHT GREEN:LAND and it changed the world like naw that’s a different film but DONALD TRUMP BUYS GREENLAND would need a comment like a 2 hour film explaing to people just how this is going to go now that donald trump owns greeenland we need a new map for the flag and just all the i knows and i didn’t feel good writing this one paragraph i have actually been dealing with lately having a profound world changing thought in my head and then it feels like someone just takes it from me right before i start typing like i talk to myself and my upper math language is from time to time like the higher maths are removed from my head

Nicholas Lawson like watching it on television in the role playing game politics where you find yourself in the white house and now that you are president it’s explained to that these pieces will do anything you want and you get to watch what they do on television and then 500 television broadcasters nationwide will let the nation know you did that and then you get to sleep at night like that night and that’s what we call a game

i never held up a sign once i they booked me at the precinct as bipolar type 1 and policed my internet use on facebook i’m mentally ill as i understand it but that fat ass langolier protesting is considered mentally ill or is it OH I GET IT I’M MENTALLY ILL LIKE I’M SO MENTALLY ILL I THINK THAT WOMAN IS RETARDED AND THAT’S WHY I”M MENTALLY ILL like like mental illness is a comparative thing like everyone is mostly like this bitch holding up a sign and i’m trying to point out that bitch is shit scum on god’s eden and because there so many of her i can’t cop that evolutionary step forward credential i know i deserve so that i can just swim around these people

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