the most mystical experience i notice every day just happens to be the way things get smaller the further away they are and the way lines converge into a point i think that if there was ever going to be time travel it would be taking advantage of the way space channels itself from a point to the same point to ever observation location there is and  that they way it all converges on the same point is the strangest thing to see in a day but like if aliens come we’ll be as indifferent to an alien landing as we are to observing the cloud and the only excitement this planet ever sees is when someone plays some music for the most part it’s not like there’s a tremendous amount of output by the government but they represent us before the united nations and there will be a day that kofi anon passes away and a new general assembly leader will be chosen that will be a news SEASON and i don’t know time travel and converging lines seems like they might have something in common

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