Meh Two

Happy new school year! Send some love to a teacher who helped you to shine bright. Art by Ellen Porteus, in honor of her favorite teacher: her mom.

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  • Nicholas Lawson all i can figure is that facebook is for sale that’s all i can figure that this is some kind of unfinished show model that a buyer can pay good money to fix … you’re 20 years into a single project and this isn’t sparkling i dare say you’re in violation of university ethics codes in several time zones because you’re not done
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    • Nicholas Lawson the fuck you get off project managing something that’s just going to grow forever? like that’s fantastical until just at the peak of human experience on this planet everything leading up to websites were required to and couldn’t function until they were done the internet gave us perpetual incomplete works that never plan on finishing that’s what’s actually true the internet gave us the ability to sell incomplete shit and that thought was inspired by mark zuckerberg that’s an inspirational thought that there’s this thing that’s never going to be done and it’s called the internet just this entire flawlessly capitalistic invention that take money and makes a change or something i don’t know i just know i ain 3500 people deep into a project i’m never going to finish like this is probably a testing ground of some kind to determine if you can survive in the real world and i don’t know how many nicholas lawsons there have been or how many mark zuckerbergs there have been or sergey brins but i know facebook isn’t finished and the internet is not done and it’s 30 years into as a project and it’s not done andi basically got mine done at it’s the one i would have hand coded but i used wordpress and i did minimal content management work i was more focused on developing content and i have my design down i did that last year this year i’m just writing and putting work from the internet into the filing cabinet i made on wordpress … you focused all your energy on content management software and that is a finite amount of work to do there is a flawless facebook design like this language can be spoken fluently there is an end to working on content management and content is never ending but i do get to the point where i have too much content and i could be someone that legit needs content management from like a team of people but i don’t know
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      Nicholas Lawson
      Nicholas Lawson

      Nicholas Lawson

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