Letter to White House

i’m just curious have we been in a state of world peace for some 20 years now or something but we keep overshooting the mark because we have some boxes to feed with content? like is that mostly what’s going on now for example feeding a box …

like i’m supposed to be about world peace i look like jesus i have an english literature degree i’m about whatever needs to be said that ends war whatever whoever however peace is possible is what i’m about

i just get the impression that i just had to notice world peace was already achieved


like not certain what’s up with media it’s probably too much material for an audience to keep up with

i’m interested in world peace but i don’t know what the meaning of life is

apparently it’s to star in a film or spend most of my life on stage

i found comments and i’m currently content leaving comments on facebook if i do a good job the next strangest thing that some kid will say he was meant to do will be because of me somewhere there is a kid destined to leave facebook comments i’m currently that kid and i’m 38 years old

i’m willing to admit we have world peace but we’re not in a world peace configuration in the media so everyone is stressed out

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