letter to white house

I don’t think facebook is a good idea because you set your facebook up to get newsfeeds from every single major magazine and newspaper that you think matters and suddenly you can feel so famous that you you do something like write the people that let donald trump know he has an email worth reading.

i’m also an author of nickspoems.com several dozen notebooks and i have a university degree and i almost feel important at what though? leaving comments on facebook and i get a lot of positive feedback.

so i have a degree and a website and a lot of positive feedback and the inclination to write the white house after i wrote my representative, my senator, and my governor I wrote the president i don’t know what’s a level representation up from governor so i assume president.

i’ve been basically alone on disability for the last year in my apartment with weekly trips to the grocery store and i am now self centered. i wonder if this is my world. i do i wonder that. that’s how self centered i am from being alone.


i notice the news and what the news reports and i notice something about the people around me and to me i seem more conscious that a lot of people like i notice when someone rarely is smarter than me but i also notice a lot of people are not as smart as me.

i’m smart and educated. in reading and writing i am weak at math and have no scientific training. i don’t know gitch about science. at all.

i just know mingling and networking and calling and sending letters for the sole purpose of knowing someone knows me and i can say someone knows me and they can say they know me.

i need to embark on an epic business move to get my first investment in something i thought of. i was born poor, was given an education, and now i have to seek investment because i was born poor but now i know things that most people don’t know. Not sure what you know being you’re the white house i assume you know what i know, about people just in general.

|take the cap off please|

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