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Nicholas Lawson i can’t go from victim to leader because my city thinks i am mentally ill because i talk too fast and think thoughts that are too big and it’s either over or still going on my treatment as a mental health client and i can’t run for the 2nd District of Ohio as State Representative because it’s not too hard to sling arrows and darts at me for being accused of mental illness and forced to undergo treatment because i spent 3 years out of 20 in a mental health hospital i can’t be a leader i might be able to make it as an author but i’m caught up in a thought pattern like is published enough and so i’m poor and i graduated from the University of Cincinnati so I champion education because it makes sense to me i experienced a university education and now i have university problems like asserting myself as a leader doesn’t come until i have proven to myself that i can function outside a mental health ward for several years without being admitted and i have no idea why they thought i was mentally ill i think i was abused by family when i lived with them, i smoked weed to whit i was the only member of an entire network that smoked weed, i was over educated in 10 years at University and i spent a post doc’s reading schedule online and still do so i think it’s those reasons and i’d say in my field of english literature i am advance but it also seems like at least online that’s the first thing someone would shit on about me that i’m a star in english LITERATURE and that my goals are not in line with THEE GOAL which is to accrue as much cash as possible for discussion in my bank account and quite frankly i get that the audience thinks i’m mentally ill i’ll just point out i think the audience is in the audience

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