Dear Brad Wenstrup …

I just had a moment with the internet where my high school valedictorian university honors quality student stage performer accomplished writer self going on a decent trajectory in my working life just need to get some financials together self was given access to a random sampling of the population and it just struck me how i’m more intelligent than a lot of people like without facebook i would not have access to intelligence tests being filled out by the hundreds that i can study. I am firmly aware that i am on the right side of this intelligence corpus of data that we have and i do need to find a business i can occupy myself with to make more money so that i can i don’t know what well i do know it’s go to the grocery store and come home and pay for my electric rent and telecom bill and wait … waiting is a big part of my life and i’m used to it but it’s seemingly not called the NET for no reason because wow everyone is playing the same game on facebook in politics and i’m someone that also does something like this like but these people exist that are leaving these comments and it’s when you KNOW you’re smarter than millions of people that it gets weird in the head and you tested into smarter than most people and you are told you’re smarter than most people what does that guy do?

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