Dear Brad Wenstrup

Like i’m on facebook and wordpress and twitter and i can do my own but it’s just easier to interact with people on major platforms and i’m not a wiz at programming and i know I can’t afford the hardware that goes with running your own website like in my studies a component of web design is cutting a deal with a telecom and order 12 $22,000 thousand servers from apple or something i just know that’s involved like i have a GOOEY GUI and that’s about it … and that’s where i store my idea that i would have hand coded but wordpress made easier to do …

not entirely certain what to do …

and i’m starting to get to the point where I am losing thoughts when i write so i know i’m just starting to become old because when i’m writing it’s like i lose a thought like i had something more substantial to write here but that’s all i could muster …

well that’s my website … i almost had a moment where my website became real when i was going to write an email to greenland and ask for an interview about how they feel about greenland being purchased but i chose not to do it i just know i’m spending this year working on a website that i spent a year designing and it’s looking good ..

like how many people have something like this?

i don’t think it matters there’s like 90% of the population that hates the top 10% because they’re in the bottom 90% and they know it …

has to do with school and valedictorians and idiots that can’t for the life of them figure out what school is for and they never studied, shit like that …

i’m not a university graduate that shits on university like most people are ..

most people in my experience are fuckos …

that’s all ..

forgot what i was going to say though .. getting old at 38 just noticed the first signs of it



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