Nicholas Lawson in a democracy there is no loyalty to any given party that’s a republic i would think a republic is the thing that relies on loyalty and the dismembering of the Pledge of Allegiance to a Flag we are currently only pressed to pledge allegiance to a flag and the president is supposed to be a form there is a FORM that was developed over 45 presidents and so long as the president stays true to form we are doing fine but we have the pledge of allegiance that dictates we are not Loyal to ANYONE in a democracy just the ideals OF that democracy and the government was established and built so that we would have no dictator or tyrant that we choose of ourselves who would be the people that handled state affairs and governmental administrative tasks and penning laws but when you start going into loyalties and allegiances aside from that of the flag you run into the kind of corruption this nation was built to abstain from … i know who the president is and donald trump is the first of his kind he’s the first like that and he’s talking about loyalty and he might not be treasonous to the United States of America but he has to live with being the first president that didn’t fit the form and hillary clinton WAS and IS more a president than he is and she got passed over for Donald Trump …
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  • Nicholas Lawson i give myself a B- for that last sketch … this is supposed to be a republic where we worship ideals and people that effute those ideals in their daily life like meh … i keep trying to say something deep and enlightening but i keep getting caught up with these legos that i have i probably need to start studying another language

    • Nicholas Lawson alright the ghost with the most time for me was like hey what if you wrote a book about the american ideal and you got at a graduate level go acquainted with the Federalist Papers, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Pledge of Allegiance and other ephemera and you took your english literature and wrote a book that if you can get it published would look like a nice feather for the 2nd Congressional District what if you didn’t go door to door campaigning and what if you wrote a book on the American Spirit or Ideal or something like that that’d be nice because then you could be a freshman politician with a firm idealistic view of how this should work
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    • Nicholas Lawson and read an american history book

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