This Was My 1st Positive Exchange on the Internet that was Colloquial in Tone and Not Just an Abrasive Jab … I was approached in a way Similar to How I Approach People and It Opened Me Up to a More Nuances Conversation Response … this exchange here is the start of a conversation … i’m usually working on my opener

Nicholas Lawson yep yep yep yep yep we could just print $100 bills at the federal reserve and hey guys hey a WAY to do that would be to go on a penny economy where we’re doing business with coins instead of paper .. it’s just slightly different and gives your $500 bill more weight
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  • Steven Wilkerson Working to spend the money no matter what. The difference is we can spend the money to make sure that civilization can survive or we can spend the money relocating like 150 million people and constantly rebuilding because of the consequences. What you really things to happen when Manhattan ends up underwater. Florida practically the estate anymore. Some models suggest that the breadbasket is going to become a dustbowl.

    How are we going to pay for it, noticed this is only a question is asked with something that will help out the general public, including the entire world but never asked about endless war, ridiculous corporate welfare which in the next decade could easily break $30 trillion, or anything else that makes the donors to our politicians richer and more powerful.

    We have the money, working to spend the money no matter what we do we can spend it smart and create literally millions upon millions of well-paying jobs meanwhile dramatically decrease the cost of living or we could continue subsidize failing industries that practically no one works in.

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  • Nicholas Lawson i mean it’s a system in a history of a civilization there can be other systems like ask WHY DO WE NEED CASH AGAIN? and it’s a system of bribes … i think I REALLY THINK we can elevate to a higher moral code than bribing each other

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