I was on the street looking for cigarette butts at my typical looking for cigarette butts location and i’m broke like i’m at the lowest legal limit you can achieve in a cash based society and now like 7 times in 9 months of doing this when my cigarette addicted ass gets the need for a fix I go out and look for cigarette butts on the sidewalk of a common place to throw cigarette butts. And 7 times African Americans like older ones like in their 60’s have busted open their wallets and handed me cash. For about 5 years now I have resorted to begging for cigarettes from strangers OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again in the same spot. Learned some things sometimes like once a month you get weed, sometimes you get like $20, sometimes you get like a cigar, most of the time no one notices but like these african americans in north college hill give me the impression that they don’t put up with someone NOT having Cash like they fix that REAL QUICK and i don’t know much about that. I just know from time to time i write a racist rant and then i have to know they are kind people these african americans but like felons that are my age that african american are sources of racist hatred and these africans that break open their wallet are above me financially in life and in social structures and like i’m living in an apartment again at the bare legal limit for having cash and they’re helping me out and i just that’s what it is about race you have to talk funny about it like you have to be like these asians over here these chinks over here these african americans there these niggers here these nigga’s here like these spiks here these south americans here and like i’m a white trash honkey and or some kind of whigger or i’m a european american and it’s just i don’t want to say it’s pointless to talk about race but you have to sound like a fucking scale to do it like pushing down on how ignorant a group of people is and then pushing down on the other side of the scale discussing their positive features and like that’s me and race right now. In other words I’m as poor as I am legally allowed to be.

Oh and i found on politico this feature where they have an audio file containing the content of the document and i might do that and there’s a new book for sale 2nd from the top but some kind of manifesto came out and i’m that’s great that’s really great anyways someone did something in GUI land and laid out an audio file for their article and i was like that’s fucking important to me.

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