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Nicholas Lawson Denise Davis yeah i failed out of DAAP 3 times because it’s a world class design school but i couldn’t find books that taught me how to program and it was like everyone else could and it wasn’t the design aspect that fucked me up it was the programming and in hindsight like all i should have been expected to do was draw so like i went to world class design school of which there are like 6 on this planet and they only take a fraction of a percent of the valedictorians that apply to the school and i made it in but like design makes perfect sense to me i’m just weak in programming so then after i failed out of design school for the third time i enrolled in liberal arts and they told me 5 years of my daap credits wouldn’t transfer so like i had to start over in liberal arts to get a liberal arts degree and that took 6 years and i spent a year in england studying weed and culture basically and like i wasn’t trying to be an asshole who would later go on to use the number 10 a lot but i failed again out of DAAP 3 times and then i went to McMicken and changed my major three times and just ended up in english literature and it’s funny because it’s like i won the lottery because my final quarter of liberal arts was the final quarter i was eligible for student loans so like i basically went to school the maximum amount of time and now i have what i’d call a graduate degree but not a masters of doctoral degree

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